Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012


New car = Jetta vr6 :-)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

his demise

Incognito in my dark shades
I can't bare to show my green eyes
Bloodshot veins feed into the black hole
I rise
I fall
I stumble back up on my feet again
And each scrape reminds me
I’m here again
My mind reminds me it’s only me again
My spirit slowly melts away
Master of my own mutiny
Inventor of my solitude
Duchess of my privacy
Rationing my creativity
That way when they come for me
I will have something left for imagery
Because the black hole
Near my green eyes
Has replaced all vibrant hopes
With lies
And serene
I compose myself and leave this daydream
With my hands behind my back
I walk with my head down
Behind this clown they call a man
Because of a man they called a clown
An ego bruised before its prime
Time is unnecessary now
Eyes wide shut as they condemn a spirit
That was once so very sound
And serene
Is how he left this world
So different from that from whence he came
A spirit again, once so carefree
Suddenly immensely tame
Leaving the rest
Incoherently mundane
Incognito in my dark shades
I can't bare to show my green eyes
Bloodshot veins feed into the black hole
I rise,
Simply to fall, finally to my demise.

eyes and ears

Eyes closed

Ears open
I can hear them as they prey on my faults
Knocking my legs from under me
I become diseased with a loss of stability
They mock me
Prod me and poke me
Pick my atmosphere apart openly
Seducing me, factiously
As I sit so solemnly
With my eyes closed
And my ears open
Sincerely hoping
Creative masses
Masking me
Continue on
Tempting me
You’ll see
One day these few fools will generate mutiny
Hypothetically speaking,
Murder to the 1st degree
Forging onwards and upwards
Eventually posting over me
While alone I cower
Because everyone else has aborted this feat
Trust me
While we stood so strong for so long
These chumps have climbed all over
While we became the foundation
They became the snowcap on the mountain
So now I sit here
Numbing the pain
With my eyes closed
And my hands over my ears
I wallow in my own remorse for my kind
Waiting for the floor to crumble under them
Waiting in fear

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

An accidental memory

Fingers pinched the tiny speck off of his shoulder
Tossing it to the ground
Warmth of his heart gleamed out through his smile
And I was won
Something told me he searched and found me
In a sea full of lies
High tides
And widely closed eyes
He cried
Waiting for his heroine to save his entire life
In ruins
Swooning every last pair of legs with a vagina that walked on by
He tired of the days past
He ripped his rearview mirror down and threw it out
Focused clearly through the glass
As cars passed
He relaxed
Knowing his heroine was sitting next to him

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

aint no sunshine

Aint no sunshine when shes gone
Only darkness when shes away
And when she comes back
She never comes to stay
Always lost in translation
Each and every day
I continue to pray
One day
Her and i
Could run away
Hypnotized by her creative being
Her grace and pure blissfulness
Swagger with such luscious lips
And this
This was only true when she was around
This was only real when she came back
Any other day
Zealousness lacked
Life sucked from the depth of my soul
In the last act
Curtains fell
Only to behold
She was again away
I would lay there in silence
Boredom and dismay
Awaiting the muse to muster
An appearance from my magical metaphor
Because metaphorically speaking
She is the light of my life
The bright reflection of my world
A fire in my heart
And a contortionist of my soul
She is I
And I am her

Sunday, May 20, 2012

When hearts collide

blatently speak lines of sincerity and risk appearing the farthest from sincere yet discrete advances towards stability are often lost when spoken away from the ear there is a medium in which we strive to accomplish however unsaid feelings are only felt not confirmed and feelings forced forcefully collide with emotional walls raised higher in return so where is the medium in which we seek where is the common ground in which to speak of unsaid feelings that are felt through fingertips and toes jolts of energy rattling bones wide eyes in the early morning only in attempts to memorize shape color and apperance in hopes that when parted from memorization will come from a studious evening but the confirmation that this energy is recipricated is still unknown where is the common ground in which to accept the strength of a lover who only wishes to love speaks of a future love a giving love an unselfish love promises made repeatatively and wholeheartedly and even when denied, returns to be rejected again memorized the cracks and crevaces of this brick wall while whispering sweet nothings into its blood red bricks bricks that listen yet give little to no insight to the world on the other side so the lover waits outside where is it that lover and unsaid feelings are met when will lover let energy portray promises and when will bursting hearts open their mouths why does this medium seem so far from beyond reach where can we meet or maybe... a medium is attained soley through bursting hearts being taught to use thier tounges and walking away from warriors waiting outside brick walls because when hearts collide walls are no defense

Superficial Stephanie

Comment Poster: eMiLeee © *its jus me against the world* Mood: accomplished Category: Romance And Relationships chemically speaking, we are ideal. mythological standpoint, a perfect pair. physically, when our bodies collide, the energy could burn brighter than any star in the sky. but still i...doubt. i stray far from satifaction farther from sweet seductions and sink further into solitude. im rude...let me introduce myself i am selfish superficial single stephanie. i think too much and have too much to say. i slip into a self driven coma multiple times a day. everything i do...i do it for me. if theres no selfprofit...shit aint for me. i wonder sometimes why i get down in the dumps, but if u doubted life like me u too would be a big grump. wallow and weep in my own weary pity and soon ill have worn out every wannabe mr. selfish superficial single stephanie...and i will still be alone

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freedom via Phone

Yayyyy I can post via mi tele ahorra!!!!

This may be trouble....