Wednesday, March 31, 2010


hot like the earths core
bubbling up inside of me
u can't fathom
a temperature
to this degree
can't control this hatred
I feel inside
this gotdamn hatred
just won't let me be
just let me bleed
but as I bleed
break away from
each and every one of my creeds
morals and values
releasing off me
like seeds from a tree
gone to grow green
for others to feed
off me
but this heat
this heat it consumes
every bit of me
won't let me sleep
flames nipping at my feet
and singeing every hair on me
where ever could you be
my guardian angel
seems to surpass me
leaving me to fight these flames
that slightly tempt me
to become more like them
more like him
more like her
devil tempting me to grow horns and a tail
so away I sail
into a cestpool of fire
burning my boat
as I transpire...
into this hell.