Sunday, May 20, 2012

When hearts collide

blatently speak lines of sincerity and risk appearing the farthest from sincere yet discrete advances towards stability are often lost when spoken away from the ear there is a medium in which we strive to accomplish however unsaid feelings are only felt not confirmed and feelings forced forcefully collide with emotional walls raised higher in return so where is the medium in which we seek where is the common ground in which to speak of unsaid feelings that are felt through fingertips and toes jolts of energy rattling bones wide eyes in the early morning only in attempts to memorize shape color and apperance in hopes that when parted from memorization will come from a studious evening but the confirmation that this energy is recipricated is still unknown where is the common ground in which to accept the strength of a lover who only wishes to love speaks of a future love a giving love an unselfish love promises made repeatatively and wholeheartedly and even when denied, returns to be rejected again memorized the cracks and crevaces of this brick wall while whispering sweet nothings into its blood red bricks bricks that listen yet give little to no insight to the world on the other side so the lover waits outside where is it that lover and unsaid feelings are met when will lover let energy portray promises and when will bursting hearts open their mouths why does this medium seem so far from beyond reach where can we meet or maybe... a medium is attained soley through bursting hearts being taught to use thier tounges and walking away from warriors waiting outside brick walls because when hearts collide walls are no defense

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