Monday, February 11, 2013

Turn the table

Words subdued by reality
Because realistically
I'm screaming inside
Speaking to walls
And expecting answers
Pounding the cracks in the pavement
Waiting for a development
Anything will do
Over due for so many things at this point
attempting for peace
But preparing for war
I come empty handed
With only my words
To establish emotional stability
For the
Emotionally unstable
But what happens when we turn the table
With me,
You see
I'm really not all I'm cracked up to be
The burdens I bare
Tear me, break me then bore me
Fixing broken hearts
Wd-40 on squeaky hinges
Lending my arm
When all they needed  was a finger
I am still enlightening
Everyone i see
I am that crutch
I am that shoulder
If the strong survives
I'm a fucking immortal
Truth be told
I am that for me
My knees catch me when I fall
My arms, when I lean
Today more than yesterday
I found the true me
And I called on her
In MY time of need
Somethin like a prayer
Even for God to hear
Bless me with patience
Bless me with heart
Bless me with courage
bless me with strength
And the wisdom to know when to use each them.
Today was trying
But tomorrow may be too
So when all else fails me
I will look to you