Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This time
feel the need
to grace u with
my rhymes
have my soul pour out
over concrete lines
in lue of ink lines
on flimsy paper
because those lines
are not stable
not grounded like I am
and if I am to speak
it is with concrete words only
never cracking
always bearing any heavy load
I am speaking to ur attention
because without you
there would be no reason
TO speak
but only to myself
and that only leads to
a biased opinion
and any opinion is better than
my own
so I speak to you
to him and to her
to the deaf
in hopes they feel me
to the mute
in lue of their own words
to the blind
for them to see
where I am comin from
it is a simple concept
in honor of the words
I am about to speak
I ask for a moment of silence
and as a hush fell over the crowd
I heard two simple words spill
from the deepest
inner most part of my
solitary existance...

Accept me.

and then
my heart chimed in..
with a few extra words
that made all the difference.
and it spoke 3 words
with so much
strength and dignity...

And love me.

And with those words
the crowd roared
they clapped their hands
& stomped their feet
with such enthusiam
you thought the
world was crumbling to pieces

but it wasnt...
Everything was JUST startin to come together!