Sunday, May 20, 2012

Superficial Stephanie

Comment Poster: eMiLeee © *its jus me against the world* Mood: accomplished Category: Romance And Relationships chemically speaking, we are ideal. mythological standpoint, a perfect pair. physically, when our bodies collide, the energy could burn brighter than any star in the sky. but still i...doubt. i stray far from satifaction farther from sweet seductions and sink further into solitude. im rude...let me introduce myself i am selfish superficial single stephanie. i think too much and have too much to say. i slip into a self driven coma multiple times a day. everything i do...i do it for me. if theres no selfprofit...shit aint for me. i wonder sometimes why i get down in the dumps, but if u doubted life like me u too would be a big grump. wallow and weep in my own weary pity and soon ill have worn out every wannabe mr. selfish superficial single stephanie...and i will still be alone

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