Tuesday, May 29, 2012

aint no sunshine

Aint no sunshine when shes gone
Only darkness when shes away
And when she comes back
She never comes to stay
Always lost in translation
Each and every day
I continue to pray
One day
Her and i
Could run away
Hypnotized by her creative being
Her grace and pure blissfulness
Swagger with such luscious lips
And this
This was only true when she was around
This was only real when she came back
Any other day
Zealousness lacked
Life sucked from the depth of my soul
In the last act
Curtains fell
Only to behold
She was again away
I would lay there in silence
Boredom and dismay
Awaiting the muse to muster
An appearance from my magical metaphor
Because metaphorically speaking
She is the light of my life
The bright reflection of my world
A fire in my heart
And a contortionist of my soul
She is I
And I am her

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