Sunday, December 6, 2009

I look to above

for help with this piece

argumentatively speaking

its my last chance to release

all the words

ive been holding within

theres no turning back now

i might as well just begin…

i remember when we met

you complimented my eyes

days turned into nights

which turned into deep sighs

which turned into moans

and then cuddling up close

all the while on that valentines day

you were daydreaming

of a ghost

amazed by the love

you had

for her

you say love is evol

i say you make this occur

love is hard

and on that i concur

but if i may simply deter,

love is not evol

rather you should revel in love

seems that’s what most prefer

however you have never been one to defer

to what everyone else is accounting for

you see


am here now

i never have left

i don’t live hundreds of miles away

possibly sleeping in someone else’s bed


i am here.

If you don’t feel the way i do

Then lets play truth or dare

We’ll start off with the truth

And see if we get anywhere…

Is it true you enjoy my presence?

From merely watching a movie

at your place or mine

That time spent

never seems to be mere

but rather divine

when we politely decline

others offers to parlay

instead take the time to recline

and intertwine our minds in each others privacy

or maybe you favor

hitting up the bar

green iguana, prana…

even czar.

Then theres the Common concert

We stood in the rain

You recorded the whole thing

Until your arm hurt

Those times were all pretty lame


Or maybe you were just being polite

I dare you to forget about me

Im sure its something you can do

Ive tried to forget about you

But it’s the last thing

my mind will put my heart through

theres too much there

for me to forget about

so instead, i sit in doubt

of any means to an end

for this sick little game

of make believe and pretend

as an alternative ending

i dare you to implore

what life would be like

if you let my love in

just open that door

just let me love you

like i know i can

because at this point

i am simply comparing every other man

and they amount to nothing

when i compare them to you

they don’t have eyes that remind me of the abyss

when we lock lips

its nothing like the disorientation i get from your kiss

they never measure up

as i compare them in my head

physically, mentally, or even in bed

dare i say it, you are the best ive ever known

and love is not something i normally condone

but when i go to sleep each nite

and your on my mind

to not realize i am truly madly deeply in love with you

id have to be deaf dumb and blind.

So i guess ill just wait

Cant make someone love you back

But i will tell you this

It’s a war out there

And at this point in the game

my heart is ready to attack