Friday, October 23, 2009

Waitin 2 go BaLiStiC....

Can't sleep
cuz my heart
beat beat beat
drop him
or keep him
drop him
or keep him
drop him
Ahhh fuk it all
I don't have energy
for all this bullshit
my hearts to weary
to play games
with cupid
so I say mean things
and then I walk away
and never ever again
give you the time of day
start all over...
hope for something different
anything, I pray...
Anything is what I get
so I started changin my prayer
asked for a tall man
w/ braided dark hair
preferably hispanic
because they make good lovers
and he's gotta be fresh
especially when we get under the covers
and that hasn't come
&& I've been chillin...
patiently debatin...
wondering if I should pray again...
A little less specific...
But nah...
Ill just sit here...
And wait...
Until I go balistic

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