Thursday, October 22, 2009


"I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you"
how appropriate
like the love I feel for you
like the amount of times
you dash through my mind
because I won't let u stay long
like all the times you broke my heart
and left it laying in a heap on the floor
pumping blood everywhere
like a graphic movie of horror
like how you had a baby by her
so now you need to be with her
you feel the need to move
to another state
to be with her
but its unknown to me
if u truely care for her
if she truely cares for you
I find it hard to believe
that she can care for you
like I care for you
but does it matter now?
like how I would prefer her existance in your life
are her thoughts of me
is her awareness of me
she doesn't even know
and I
More so...
what if I told her
what would she say?
Its like a lost cause
like a catch 22
if I say something I lose you
if I don't say something
I still lose you
why ruin whatever it is you have
when it seems better left
you chose her
I let the tear fall from my eye
into the atlantic ocean
since it is all
to you
there's a slim chance
you will ever find it.
But yet...
I still torture myself
by missing you.

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