Wednesday, October 7, 2009


i ponder lyrically

of my loss of sincerityto me

im like the highest of pedigree

but my life is filled with
fictional memory
l walk the streets
to find sanctity
only to find potions mixed chemically
and it just seems to sadden me
I swear…
I vaguely
Remember this forgotten sincerity
Like one day it was here
Then gone
Shit I aint gonna lie
all these drugs have ruined me
Maybe im making this shit up
And sincerity was never truly
Here in front of me
So I continue to walk these streets
Full of people with hepatitis b, c and d
start to walk a little more quickly
as if these assholes are following me
then one pops up in front
talking bout, “hey remember me?"
I think…bitch I don’t know you
then he says
“we went to the same university”
I thought for a minute
Striving for some clarity
Then I looked back at him
And asked “I have a degree?”
He got closer and I notice
His clothes all raggedy
He smiled and said “certainly”
I whispered
“then why the fuck am I out here?
With all these lames in search of sincerity”
He laughs at me like im joking around
And says
“we account the most value to sincerity and integrity…”
So I stop him in mid-sentence
And scream out in insanity
“why does no one know then, where the hell is sincerity?”
His response…
“we’re in a recession…people are broke…monetarily
And cant afford the luxury of sincerity”
Then the man vanished
And I continued walking
The streets like a zombie
Somedays I sightsee
But in all honest reality
Im still searching for sincerity

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