Tuesday, October 6, 2009

highs and lows

just hear me out…

you see
i wanna be
back on the right track
without you
not lovers
or even friends
in lust
i need you
to vanish
i feel the need
to take cautious heed
my heart
cant take it anymore
lemme just talk myself
right out this door

you see
i stare into a daze
due to the numbness i feel inside
the man i want
dont seem to want me
and i
created so many new news
with this man
you see
we got high
i used him like a drug
got me the highest of highs

martian status
leave the world behind
and the lows
left me feeling symptoms
of being used

so apparently

aint meant to be
this love thing

don’t love me
im not a good stalker

cuz I got ADD
and I get bored
wayyyy to easily
but funny shit is

he never bored me

they say
you cant always
get what you want
but sometimes
you get what you need
so I let my heart bleed
but once again
I took cautious heed

thought i could cut
all ties with him
so i wore his heart
on my sleeve
and then
wiped my mocos
all over the thought of him

but then
thoughts began
going through my head
like i needed
that drug
once again
and he had once said
"i take drugs
it eases the pain
because this life i live
is so mundane"
so i took a hit
& landed on mars
i didnt even look
at all the scars
he had left me with

from before

and then
the high left quick
as I shut my door
and mental thoughts
began to pour
into my mind
and I just couldn’t endure
slipped off Mars
and smashed right into
the world’s concrete floor

so now

mended again

put me back together
with some
paper and pen
and now
I just need
this to end


if you dont feel
the way i feel
then tell me its over
im done
so done
never will i
come round again
wont see my face
even just as a friend
to me
your just another
i surrender myself
waving the white flag
im just gonna bounce
I need some rehab

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