Friday, October 16, 2009

my man

I wish I wouldve found u at 15
so we could create memories
the kind that only last
for those truely meant to be
like remember the time
you gave me that note
about miss green and then
we both got caught
she made us walk to the office
and as I sat there next to you
I knew that its was only time
before our friendship grew
started chillin at the bus stop
long after our friends left
offered to walk me home
in heaven with each step
and when I went to cross the street
is when you grabbed my hand
I looked straight in your eyes
& knew you'd be my man
a few months past
chillin at this dudes crib
we went to get some water
and had our 1st kiss
a few years going strong
and then you spent the night
bleed for the 1st time
but I knew it was alright
I wish I wouldve found you at 15
to create this time now gone
but baby I'm ready to start making memories
that will last forever long.

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