Friday, February 5, 2010


I write. I think. and then I write some more.

when all good things come to an end
do we come to an end with them?
does bad things start when good thing end?
why must we fall from every high?
a fairytale life...
life is so far from a fairytale...its a joke.
but sadly, its no laughing matter.
I fear daily that I could be a better mom.
I fear for my son and the kind of world he is growing up in.
I am in constant fear of love.
uncommon but true. because with love comes responsibility. maybe I am in fear of that responsibilty that comes with love?
I fear losing me.
I like me...i don't want to change or lose 'me'.
I fear the judgement of God when I get there.
they say 'fear is nothing but the anticipation of pain-be it physical mental or emotion.'
so what pain comes from most of these?
not really any...yet I fear them
I fear the unfeared.
stupid right?
somehow though...i fear often.

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